Our success comes from the technical talent and drive our employees bring to the table, and their passion for supporting our clients' and their critical missions. Core to our culture is a drive to work hard, make the mission a success, and have fun doing it. Base2's role, as a company, is to get out of the way of our employees and allow them to do what they do best. The result: nimble execution, responsive customer support, and technical solutions tailored to our customers' unique and challenging needs.

Our values:
  • Integrity: We do what is right by our employees and our clients. We are accountable stewards of our clients’ resources.
  • Excellence: We endeavor to deliver only the very best solutions through the unrelenting focus of our people doing excellent work.
  • Responsiveness: Our employees are empowered to respond quickly to our customers' needs, making the mission happen.
  • Challenge: The work we do is challenging, innovative and complex. We are a company of engineers and technical staff that thrive on the energy and satisfaction of solving puzzles.
  • Work/Live Balance: We support and encourage a healthy work/life balance. We have a flexible work environment and invest in a robust suite of benefits.
  • Fun: We work hard and have fun.

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