Core Services

Quick Reaction Capability

Base2’s premier capability is to quickly convert customer requirements into real hardware, software, firmware, and mechanical solutions in weeks, not years. The organizational structure and design processes are tailored to quick reaction. Our process identifies risks and plans mitigation strategies for risks that would prevent delivery. Base2 has delivered hundreds of systems in the past seven years in QRC environments. We deliver fast and right!

Product Development

Design, development, and prototyping of electronic and software systems is a primary focus of Base2. We don’t just dabble in this stuff – it is our raison d’être. Base2 employs a staff of electrical engineers, RF engineers, mechanical engineers, and software engineers that like to “play with toys”. The results: we provide our customers with new capabilities to sustain technical dominance.

Engineering Analysis

Base2 is expert in the reverse engineering analysis of hardware, firmware, and software. Such activity supports a variety of mission-critical needs: information assurance, design assurance, and design recovery and replication. Design analysis for environmental survivability is a natural extension of our ruggedized development expertise.


Base2 cyber capabilities spans the distance between the traditional computing environment and the Internet of Things (IoT). Whether through Pen-Testing, Packet Inspection, Fuzzing, or Reverse Engineering, we are practiced in the art of discovering, demonstrating, and leveraging security flaws inherent in hardware, firmware, and software. We apply an agile approach to cyber, supporting quick course corrections and reduction in risk.