Engineering Expertise


Base2 designs and builds complex, ruggedized electronics for deployment in environments where failure is not an option: space, airborne, shipboard, ground vehicle, and mission-critical cyber. We routinely design, develop, and deliver embedded systems, low-power designs, RF and software-defined radio systems, and ruggedized electronics. Our team is experienced in all aspects of hardware design, development, prototyping, and limited-rate production.


Base2 designs and develops application and embedded software systems for custom and commercial-off-the-shelf hardware. Our engineers are practiced in all phases of the software development life-cycle and versed in many of the common methodologies such as prototyping, rapid application development, spiral model, agile, and traditional waterfall. Our team has extensive hands-on experience with common desktop and embedded platforms including x86, ARM, PowerPC, and MIPS, as well as proficiency with numerous desktop, embedded, and mobile operating systems. From Enterprise Operating Environments, down to FPGAs, we meticulously design and build our solutions to provide the reliability and performance required by our customers.


Base2 designs, drafts, prototypes, tests, and manufactures electronic packaging and mechanical systems utilizing a variety of materials, material processing and fabrication techniques. This includes injection molding, vacuum casting, machining, 3D printing, stereolithography, milling, laser cutting, wire and ram electrical discharge machining (EDM), and turning. Our engineers are experienced in the ruggedization of electronics for mil-spec environments. We employ 3D CAD and thermal analysis using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to meet customer mission requirements.